Thursday, 1 October 2015

Sunday School Teacher

Discounted Golden Delicious - the only fruit? 

Miss Price: 
"After He created the sun and the moon 
and the stars and the birds 
and the fish 
and all the other things 
He made the first two humans  
 and He gave them 
 He named the man Adam 
 and He named the woman Eve

He didn't make any children 

dear children - not yet anyways.  

In the garden where they lived 

there were all kinds of fruit  trees -
theirs to enjoy - except for the apples - they were not allowed 
to eat the apples dear children. But they did. 

He saw them do it. 

And they even admitted to it.

Punishment was instant 
and dire. They were banished 
from the garden, which means they had to leave 
with their few possessions:
a goatskin water bottle, the sandals they were wearing and their loincloths. 
Yes, Sidney, just like modern day refugees 
from the banks of the Jordan 
and the Euphrates.

What more can I say to those of you who refuse to believe the biting of the  tempting apple was seriously bad news? 

He the One in three and the three in One announced today that He will send a prophet, a miracle worker, even a son to the area of conflict. According to sources He the One in three etcetera will make sure the chosen people are held responsible for the son's death in the event of a worst case scenario. We repeat . . . He the One 

"Not an insignificant little matter 
one might think,"
  said Miss Price, quietly closing her books of reference
  and switching off the TV.  

Monday, 28 September 2015

Little Green Fish?

NASA is due to reveal new information relating to the red planet at a much hyped press conference later today.

Many of us fervently hope that NASA will present indisputable evidence of life existing or having existed on Mars.

An announcement of that nature, if it were to come, would enable us to evolve as a species to a stage where we can put much hocus-pocus and xenophobic blood-letting behind us, or so one would hope.

Myths and legends of talking snakes and spirits hiding in gardens, and of people living to be a thousand years old and having privileged access to the mind of the creator of the universe, and other tales promulgated as if they were indisputable facts by the those in  unholy pursuance of an outdated agenda, that is to say  by those determined to create sheep-brained marionettes in their own image, belong only in the history books and in the museums, if they belong anywhere at all.