Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Eighty Million Year Doorstep.

The Martian Rover has detected the presence methane gas and water on the red planet. We may soon know the answer to the question: Is there life elsewhere in the Universe?

This intriguing piece of news reminds me of an eighty million year old doorstep I spotted on a recent walk. The creatures encased in the rock, which was found on a mountain pass near to the centre of the European landmass, spent their lives at the bottom of a watery ocean.

We can all do our little bit for the sake of mankind by spreading the word: Exploration, the search for the real truth knows no bounds, and is open to all.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The candlelight is quickly spent

The candlelight
is quickly spent
and piles
of empty plastic pots
winter's graveyard

. . . and oft to view

some nearby yard
as here in tangled weeds
behind the wall or fence
 with stones
in order stacked
that once framed graves  

. . . for there are  

those who fail to send 
the periodic payments due
some dear one's

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Dreaming of GB United

Rachel (see bloglinks) pens a football poem which reminds me that I have a small stock of footy poems and when I look for them it turns out to be 11 poems plus one haiku, and they are stored at filed under the name 'Gwil Williams' (sic). 

 I picked Dreaming of GB United for today's post simply because it's at the top of the list; so it must be a goal-keeper. 

Best swerves, passes it 
to Gascoigne who
pushes it out to Giggs. 
The Welshman sprints 
cuts inside 3 defenders 
slots it to Best
who cleverly backheels it 
to Dalglish
who taps it sideways to
the man running in . . .
it's Shearer
who sends it like a rocket 
into the top corner.
to GB United.
Another Jules Rimet Trophy 
for the cleaning lady 
in the National Stadium 
in Wales.
Manager Clough leaps for joy. Orders two pies with his fingers!

comment -
Instead of dreams we only have nightmares

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

In Festive Seasons

Many turn to their  holy book
To the blood-soaked source
And words of comfort
And instruction . . .
Those bloody chronicles
So beloved of holy men
Standing at the gravesides
Of people gone to paradise

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Enhanced Interrogation Techniques



Enhanced Interrogation Techniques have according to Human Rights Watch been taking place here in Europe.

Torture is nothing new. It is as old as the tribe.

The two exhibits shown above were amongst many on display at an exhibition of medieval torture techniques and implements which I recently saw at an ancient castle in Austria.


Amongst the tools one associates with the modern torture chamber are the euphemisms.

I think today's modern torturers have a need to distance themselves from their authorized deeds, they have to lessen the impact of their daily work on their own minds.

They must at all costs avoid any feelings of guilt which might lead to them becoming mentally deranged and consequently unable to fit back into society and family when their work is done.

And so comfortable sounding words are invented and used.

Poland, Rumania and Lithuania have now been named as CIA Black Sites in Europe. These countries are EU States and subject to EU standards. It is therefore imperative that the EU investigate any allegations of CIA torture in these countries thoroughly. 

It beggars belief that Poland, after all the horrors of the Third Reich would allow herself to be involved in any way in an officially sanctioned kidnapping and torture enterprise.

The Poles in particular, and the rest of us in the general must be told the absolute truth. If crimes have been committed there must be consequences.


Even my humble mousepad points the way the EU has to move now. 

Please click on the link HERE to view the important Reed Brody Human Rights Watch interview titled "These are Crimes" dated 10th December.